New connections, yet Relationships Latent

    Today I would like to mention an audio blog which keeps the reason of being the universe through personal and unique stories  and therefore what I think makes the world wonderful and best chance to communicate and even more new technologies to do so.

    To me this is an innovation, a step ahead  to the tireless search to find the contact of human relationships through new technologies.
    This friend of mine wich I proudly say is a very intelligent and intellectual woman that has made a step foward to a great reflection. I would like to share some of her work, as in contribution to what I call in this my new post: new connections, yet Relationships Latent. Starting Is Scary


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New connections, yet Relationships Latent

Real Comunication

        The technology is now a decisive factor to relate on any level. The Internet messenger, emails, text messages, facebook, myspace and twitter are some of the most widely used today.

    All newspapers reported studies that most people prefer to communicate by text messages. Would be inadmissible to deny or question the benefits of this interconnection.

    But, lets not fade the sense of the real comunication, as my friend said: Universe is made of stories, not atoms, Making the reflection on the fact that shows the effect in the way people connect to each other when appears to be a depersonalization of human relations. That´s in my opinion happens when we act as an Atomic tiny part of this third rock.

    Is not equal to assume that our ideas and needs are being understood by those around us, with the fact of us actually communicating through our own interactions. To write, to read, to speak, to hear, to make contact in some way and feel feedback. Not to mention the sheer breadth of the range of responses that you will find on the road.

    The findings in behavioral science also show the positive impact from contact between humans that comunicate. Just as there is the power of a hug, a kiss, a caress, effectively there is also the power of words.

    People like me, right now, today, sitting in from of a computer, a cellphone, a video camera, etc. Are inexcusably included into this power of comunication, Words, written words, spoken words.

    In sum, in a world driven by satellites, computers and satellite dishes, you can not ignore the meaning and importance of human contact. I agree with a negative aspect of this, the existence of a predominant practice in wich you find your mail box full of nice and beautiful messages but most of them forwarded and repeated once and again, that´s  the wrong comunication, actually that is not comunication as well.

    It is ok to send a nice message to friends from time to time, even better if its written by ourselves. But its also recomforting to take a personal time to write a personal message, no matter topic, no matter how simple or complicated, we can share a personal experience, an important story is a rewarding thing. This at last will become into a labyrinth with real information and stories of what we call our universe. Innovating this way is a real and authentic comunication. Congratulations and thumbs up to Audio Blogs experiments!

The Ikarians.


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2 thoughts on “New connections, yet Relationships Latent

  1. To me stories are the best way to get to know another person. To hear someone’s life story honestly and clearly told is an awesome thing…sometimes it’s so unexpected what you hear from someone. A mild mannered older woman may have been a racecar driver or addicted to skydiving, you’d never have guessed just by looking at her!

    I think many people don’t understand the incredible opportunity that recent technology has opened up for us. We are able to communicate in ways that our predecessors couldn’t even dare to dream of and all at the push of a button. Now you can read, see, or hear anybody’s story from anywhere in the world if you would just take the time. I know for sure that I would have never gotten to know an awesome person from Venezuela if it weren’t for this new technology ;).

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    An Old Blog that I really liked to write, “Write it Hurra” to new ways of connections!

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